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How the site works


This site has been created for the Conference industry, to make the submission and review of submissions easier and more automated. Authors can submit their details and submissions here, and reviewers can read and score them online. The system communicates with both - notifying reviewers when submissions are submitted in the categories they review, and telling authors whether or not their papers/posters have been accepted.

Conference administrators can extract valuable information out of the system - such as unactivated accounts, submissions still to be reviewed, downloads of all submissions, and so on. A comprehensive control panel is available to them, which allows them to customise much of the process to suit their needs, and have the system do a lot of the work that used to be manually completed.

If you wish to test the system, you can register for the "Demo conference" and upload a dummy submission. Contact us if you are a conference administrator who wants to see the control panel, or use the system for your next conference. Just drop us an email.

Overview of the process

How to use this site (user manual - 1.2MB)

Here's a short step-by-step guide:

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