Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Did you get my submission?
We send an email to acknowledge each submission. But sometimes these emails are eaten by spam-filters, and don't reach you. Here's how to be sure: log in and click on "My Submissions". If you can see your submission there, we've got it.

(2) I don't know how to submit my submission.
Once you have registered on exbo/submissions, click on "My Submissions" and fill in the blanks. It's really easy. If you need detailed instructions, you can find them here:

(3) I didn't get an activation mail when I registered.
We don't send activation mails. Once you've registered, you can go ahead and submit your submission via "My Submissions". You may have to complete some items on "My Profile" first, such as your biography.

(4) Can I change what I submitted?
Yes, you can edit your submission until such time as it is reviewed. Log in and click on "My Submissions". Find your submission in the list that appears at the top of the page. If it has a little pencil next to it, you can click the pencil and edit your submission. If there's a little padlock, it means the submission is locked, as it has already been reviewed.

(5) I've submitted - how do I know if I've been accepted?
Click on "Conference Info" and check there for the date submissions close. After that date, the reviews are finalised, and a committee then decides on who is invited to speak, based on your review scores. The organisers will usually state the date that notifications will be sent out. You can also click on the "conference website" link on that page, and check for the date there. You will be mailed to say whether your submission has been accepted or not. Obviously, if you are one of the first to submit, you may have quite a long wait until reviews are complete.

(6) My problem is not covered here - now what?
Best thing to do is read the user manual. Here it is:
If you still need help, contact the administrator at