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Boxing Day 2016 - Knysna beach bar

We're on vacation. Our event-organiser customers are on vacation. 

But while we sip our beach cocktails, a notification pops up... Company A has just booked a stand at the XYZ Tradeshow.

And someone else has registered for the upcoming ABC Conference, specifying that they need a vegetarian meal, and would like to attend the pre-conference workshop.

Both have been invoiced, and sent emails of acknowledgment.

We take another sip.

Our online systems have handled all this on behalf of our lucky clients.

That's the beauty of online event systems. They handle a great deal of the work that the organiser would otherwise have to do manually, tied to a desk and a phone.


ps. if you are not one of our lucky customers, drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us lighten your load.


It's always a pain in the whatsit, getting conference presenters to send you their profile images.

So we have built it into our abstract management system. 

Less stress for everyone!  


Perhaps you’ve heard of “crowd-sourcing”...

Our customers take part in it, although they may not realise it!

Our software is used by a crowd.
Ok, not a huge crowd, but a diverse one - ranging from conference organisers to tradeshow managers, and from market coordinators to photography clubs and wedding organisers.
And quite often, someone will say “Hey, it would be great if your system could also do....”. And we upgrade the software to include that function. And everyone benefits.

It’s been happening a lot lately, and we’ve added several new features to our products. Here’s a quick summary (make This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want more detail)

You need to seat 500 people at a gala dinner.
But Bob wants to sit with his friends, Mary wants 2 tables next to each other, and James wants to sit with that cute associate professor he met at the last congress.

If you seat them yourself, you'll get lots of requests for changes. If you don’t, there’s a bun-fight at the door on the night, and lots of unhappy diners.
So... let them seat themselves! 


Our new product (we call it exbo/tables) allows you to send us a list of people who’ve booked/paid... and the floorplan of the dining area. And we’ll send you back a link that allows the delegates to pick their own table.

Before the event. No hassle. Here's a demo.

Some of our customers, particularly the exhibition organisers, quote their prices including VAT. Some don’t.
So we’ve added a way that the registration form can add VAT to the total. Click here for an example.




Our system has always used a 1-to-10 rating scale for the Reviewer to score an abstract.
And while that works just fine, many conferences have a set of questions for the Reviewer to consider before deciding on the score.
For example “was the abstract submitted to the appropriate theme?” and “is the spelling and grammar acceptable?”
So, we’ve built in a way to include those questions.



You can have exbo/abstracts set up either way... 1-10 or your set of questions which includes a score.

We announce new features here.

And we write about new happenings in the industry, particularly regarding event-tech. Check it out!
That’s it for now - have a happy week!
The EXBO team.

This crazy post from "stupididiotic" got us thinking...

pizzabadge lots

We get a lot of name badges at conferences.

Most are pretty standard. But some are clever, or weird, or funny.


There is the old "Hello, my name is" badge, where the delegate fills it in himself. 

Of course, there are always a few jokers! :)



You can limit the choices a bit by pre-printing the names, and supplying ribbons that are added to the bottom of the namebadge. Let the delegate choose, at the registration desk.

Some cheeky, some serious, some creepy - just like the people at every event! :)


We paricularly like these ones, from TED Active.

"Talk to me about..." badges are perfect conversation starters.

Instead of that awkward small talk, you can pick a subject that the delegate is passionate about.


TEDactive1    Tedactive2


In the useful arena, there are badges with QR codes that lead to the delegate's website/social media page/profile.

This is an easier way to get to know people than collecting business cards and stuffing them into your conference bag.


And then there's the back-of-the-badge area, so often forgotten.

Use it for:

  • a venue map
  • condensed programme
  • short bio of keynote speakers
  • contact details for venue, organisers, taxi service
  • anything else that might be useful to the delegate



Seen any good ones? Tell us in the comments!