Running an exhibition? Get efficient! Free yourself from the piles of paper, stress and inaccuracy of “the old way” with this state-of-the-art booking system.

Put your floorplan online, where you, your reps and your clients can all see the same version of it – no more confusion or double-bookings. Allow your clients to help themselves, even while you sleep… it's easy!


  • Editable floorplan layout
  • Provides for document downloads
  • Links back to your event website
  • Live, online help function
  • Stand customization bookings
  • Online payment module


This speciality software has been created to make the submission and review of conference abstracts easier and automated.

Abstracts are submitted via a webpage, reviewers are notified, scoring is done online, and authors are notified by email. No mess, no fuss, no piles of paperwork!

International conferences find this system immensely useful, as reviewers can be anywhere in the world – distance and time-zones are no longer an issue.


  • Plain text or HTML abstracts
  • Stream abstracts to themes
  • 1 or more reviewers per theme
  • Allow supporting documents
  • Can handle multiple rounds of review
  • Comprehensive admin panel
  • Bulk mailing of acceptance/rejection
  • Publish accepted abstracts to Word


Events are all about connection and communication. We’ll help you get the message out there!

Make your event visible with a well-designed website, engage your target market via social media.

Keep them in the loop with branded emails, and get feedback using online surveys.

We can provide:

  • Websites
  • Social media assistance
  • Bulk mailing
  • Google/Facebook adverts
  • Online surveys


No matter how big or small your event, online registration is easy and convenient – your clients will love you for it!

Our registration forms are in a league of their own. Flexibility and good looks, backed up by a robust database and compact control panel. Delegates receive an emailed PDF showing their registration. Barcoded registrations can be printed.

All registrations can be downloaded to Excel for your convenience.


  • handles complex fee structure
  • transport and accom reservations
  • event/workshop bookings
  • online payment module
  • branded with your logo